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Thursday, 8-Nov-2007 09:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Madrid - Day One (November 2007)

Yeay!!!! I made it to Madrid
Peurta Del Sol
Tio Pepe
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What could I said about Madrid? It's a nice city for sure but to me it's lacking the element of fun and charm. I frankly prefer Barcelona better because of the colors and uniqueness of the Antonio Gaudi architecture and how it's influent the creativity of the people of the city.

Whatever it is, this is the Capital City of Spain and one thing for sure I really love Parque The Retiro in Madrid. It's really nice to be sitting there doing nothing but watching people and the day gone by.

Saturday, 4-Aug-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Italy & Just The Two of Us

Venezia - Typical canal
Arc of Constantine
Colloseo & us!!!
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Amateur models in the making
Well enough said it's not modelling perfect
But we had good time together
These pictures was from Zain's camera
And well he was the cameraman too obviously

Pictures were taken from Rome mostly except the first one was in Venezia

Tuesday, 17-Jul-2007 20:31 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Rome - Summer' 07

Coleseum @ 6.30 am
Shiny Day
Underground Colosseo
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If I people ever asked me about Rome all I could said it is a very hectic city and ancient in it's own way. One thing for sure the traffic is really mad here. Red lights could means go and vise versa. So just watch out where you're going in Rome.

Nevertheless, it's an awesome city to explore! You could get around Rome by walking if you have the will - (in the city center I mean). Well it's almost the only way to discover any other places in Europe is by walking around, get lost and find your way back. There's underground system that will cost 4 Euros for unlimited ride in a day (it includes the bus as well).

And if you're in hurry you could make every other important tourists attraction all in a day.
Amongst places that you must go if you ever come to Rome are
    a) The Colloseum
    b) Roman Forum ruins
    c) The Pantheon
    d) Piazza Navona
    e) Piazza Spagna
    f) Piazza del Popolo
    g) Basilica @ Vatican City

And if you had more days to spend in Rome of course you could go and discover even more

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Pisa - Summer 2007

Nice and sunny Pisa :)
Love is in the air :D
Stop the tower from falling...
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From Venice it took about 3 1/2 hours to Pisa by Eurostar train (and we have to change train in Florence). We took a day off from Venice to travel to Pisa. Pisa is a place located in Florence. It is actually a small town indeed.

We had not face a problem while we were on board. Except for some silly travelers who kept on banging their legs at the back of our sit. It's annoying really!!!

We had to change to another train in Firenze (that's Italian for Florence) and the train from Firenze to Pisa will take an hour or so. This train is not as comfortable compared to the train earlier but it will do for an hour trip. Because in some compartments the Italian prefer fresh air rather than the air conditioned. Me? I don't mind but HIMSELF was a bit particular.

We arrived around 4.00 p.m and the sun was nice and hot. We were tired though from sitting in the train. We were told that we could just get a bus to our hotel...but somehow we ended up walking since the people that we asked around said it only took 15 minutes to get to the leaning tower by legs (where our hotel is).

When we arrived at the hotel, we were upgraded to a room with a balcony and view. That is very nice of him and such a relieved. The room was nice not luxury but it will do for a night...it's not that bad after all. We changed and had a short nap. Nothing to worry as this is just a small town and the main attraction is of course the Leaning Tower of Pisa - which is just 2 or 3 minutes walk from our hotel.

They were lotsa tourists local as well as tourists like us Asian and European and well almost every nation. And one thing in common everyone was trying to stop the tower from falling down. It's quite a funny view in the beginning but when everybody else's doing it ermmm it's not so uncommon any more ehhh?

It had been a very pleasant trip indeed!

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Venice - 13-16th July, Summer 2007

Venice & Gondola
Gondola and typical canal view in Venice
Piazza San Marco 1
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Venezia as the Italian pronounce it is yet another miracle. It's an island with canals, bridges and hundreds and hundreds of small street that formed a beautiful magical labyrinth. I understand now why it's said one of the romantic places on earth. However, due to the hot weather I found it not as romantic if you visit it when there will be less tourists on the streets. I'm being skeptical I guess

It's took me sometimes to adapt to the fact that I had to get almost every other end of the small island on my own foot. (Since I refused to spend my money on the water bus) . We get lost most of the time, trying to make to our destiny but nevertheless that's the part of discovering Venice.

Hundreds and hundreds years ago Venice was home to hundreds of Italian richest merchants - some fled away from Rome to avoid the higher taxed imposed to merchants by Pope.

I simply love the Venetian architecture especially Venetian windows and the flowers and rooftop gardens the canals and water which some sort acts as cooling effect in summer time . If I were given another chance I will definitely come back to Venice but definitely not in summer tho

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